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Photos: http://www.backprint.com/stevegandyphotography/139159

Marathon Start Time: 6:30 am (Estes Park to Fountains of Loveland)

Half Marathon Start Time: 7:00 am (Estes Park to Drake)

10k Start Time: 8:00 am (Carter Lake Rd to Fountains of Loveland )

Marathon/Half Marathon/10k . This event can be considered as the fastest marathon and half marathon in Colorado. A beautiful scenic course with fall colors and some viewing of Big Horn Sheep (seen in the 2014 and 2015 near the course)!

Top Boston and New York marathon qualifier.

Additionally the event will focus on generating much needed visibility and economic impact to the flooded areas and will ONLY benefit local groups.

Official USATF Certification: CO14026DCR


-Most prize money award of any marathon in Colorado.
-USTAF Certified Course possibly being the best marathon course in the USA for Boston and New York marathon qualifying. The Big Thompson River Canyon has over 2x the elevation drop of the Poudre Canyon.

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